Parenting Coordinator

Sometimes divorcing parents cannot agree on anything relating to their child. In those instances, either the trial judge or the parents themselves will include a Parenting Coordinator (“PC”) as part of the divorce decree. If a trial judge appoints a PC, the judge must make a finding that the case is a high-conflict case.

The PC can be an attorney or a mental-health professional. The parents pay for the PC’s time with them, either sharing the cost equally or according to their income percentages for child support.

The PC’s role is limited to dealing with parenting issues, e.g., visitation exchange, scheduling the child’s sports activities or revising an access schedule. The main benefit of a PC is avoiding yet another round in the court system when the parents can’t reach an agreement. The PC works with both parents to promptly address issues, without the delay and financial costs of yet another court hearing.

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