Our Pledge To You

A Standard of Excellence: Committed. Compassionate. Formidable.

The Brand

Not just words. Donelle’s dedication to a standard of excellence is reflected in every aspect of her practice. Twenty-seven years in courtroom interaction with judges and peers while representing her clients has resulted in appointments for Donelle to serve as:

Committed to Your Cause

divorce & family law attorneys dedicated to excellence

Actions speak louder than words. Donelle’s commitment to her clients and their goals is reflected in attention to every detail of your life that you have entrusted to her:

Compassionate about You

Donelle H. Ratheal

A successful family law attorney is a compassionate person. A family law client is not just an account, or just a file number. Donelle and her Firm members care about you and your family. She takes the time to listen to your concerns and your hopes for a better future. Donelle will navigate you through a difficult situation, offering you options for a better future.

Formidable in the Courtroom

Iowa family law

Donelle is a formidable adversary, in and out of the courtroom. Attention to detail, knowledge of the law, understanding of the intricacies of family law procedure and practice, and trial experience have earned her the respect of Oklahoma attorneys, including those who represented the opposing party in a case. Donelle’s past clients include referrals of friends and family members of former opposing counsel.

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